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About us

Şark Fırça was established more than 60 years ago and is one the first and largest brush manufacturing and distributing company in Turkey. We have been developing and growing continuously since our establishment by expanding our machines. Şark Fırça is the leader in the sector in terms of production quantity and quality.

Baba Şark - CEO/Kurucu
Baba Şark - CEO/Founder

With more than 6 decades of experience and expertise, we are equipped to meet any special orders and the brush needs of all industrial sectors, both locally and abroad. We provide high quality products and services to the Agricultural, Construction, Oil and Automotive sectors.

Şark Fırça continues to provide quality products and services at our new address in the Güngören industrial region. We have since expanded our production range and quality in order to meet the ever-changing customer demands.

Şark Fırça Konferansı
Şark Fırça Conference

We have a very wide range of brush options for any domestic or industrial purpose. We produce brushes for automobiles, white goods, electrical appliances, electronics, machinery, furniture, constructions and textiles.

All our production and distribution processes comply with international standards and recommendations.

At the 2000 ISO-9001 conference with our Chinese partners
At the 2000 ISO-9001 conference with our Chinese partners


Our corporate structure, which is based on creating value by meeting the expectations of our customers with stable quality, is to manage values in the “best” way with our customer-oriented working strategy and competitive growth.

By using the latest technological innovations in engineering and management sciences, we produce suitable brushes technologies developed at high quality standards. We keep customer satisfaction at the forefront and carry the goal of combining a high-quality, building respect for people, nature, the environment and society, with perfect project and application systems.

Our goal as Şark Fırça is to be the leader in the brush manufacturing and distribution sector

Our vision

Our mission is to be a leading company in the grease sector. To employ human resources with mutual trust and respect, and regard for the best qualified manpower.

Our company adopts quality as a way of life and preserves accuracy and trust as its most important values.

We aim to continuously increase our contribution to the country’s economy, for contemporary and modern Turkey, by maintaining the characteristic of being an enterprise that operates with superior success in terms of quality and implementation time, with the aim of creating permanent employment by creating different tasks in our undertakings.

We continue our work with the aim and awareness of being one of the most reliable companies in Turkey, setting the standards in the grease sector in terms of efficiency, quality, work and employee safety.

Şark enterprises are shaping our future today. Our customers’ trust in us is our very reason for existence. We carry the awareness and responsibility of producing quality products that are pioneers, with an entrepreneurial spirit that is exemplary throughout the country and the world at large.